Our Mission

To train up a child to be a shining light to the nations through holistic nurturing in body, soul and spirit. (Proverbs 22:6)

Welcome to SAIS

SAIS is an accredited Christian school that nurtures the children in a Christian environment. It has three departments namely Nursery, Primary and Secondary. Alongside the mainstream curriculum prescribed by the Cambridge International Examination Board, the Montessori system is used to enhance teaching and learning. At SAIS, pupils are brought up to uphold strongly Christian principles, social graces and etiquette. The promotion of outstanding and award-winning academic achievement, professional staff development, Christian education, holistic learning, rigorous academic programs, diverse co-curricular activities, parent support interventions, multicultural education, career education and entrepreneurial skills training, as well as a wide outreach for community service, has been her fame to date.

Why Choose SAIS

Christian Education

The St. Adelaide international Schools is a charismatic and educational organization with a vision and purpose to have excellence in all things. We also offer holistic nurturing in spirit, soul and body.

Cambridge Curriculum

St. Adelaide is a certified Cambridge school in Accra. The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide

Modern Facilities

The school provides standardized facilities (including IT Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Library, LCD overhead projectors and smart TV's) to carry out the required academic activities in preparation for the Cambridge examinations.

Message From Our CEO

Every child deserves the best of education irrespective of race, colour or social standing. At St. Adelaide’s, we provide that kind of education which completely caters for the child’s future aspirations and unique growth needs. We offer holistic nurturing in spirit, soul and body.      We have small class sizes which make teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable.  We also provide a well-stocked library, science laboratory, state of the art I.C.T unit and an unparalleled Montessori nursery training.

E.S Pamela Marnette Dickson

get to know!

I am in SAIS because……
I believe God wants me to be here.
He has brought me here so I can shine.
I believe I will make it here.
I believe I am created to be confident, capable, creative and compassionate.
I recognize that I have the spirit of God in me
I allow the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and my speech.
It is God, who teaches me all things, and brings all things to my remembrance.
With the wisdom of God, I make good choices for myself and others.
I strive to be an excellent pupil like Daniel and Joseph
I believe my work speaks for me, so I take it seriously.
Like David, when I fall, I will rise again.