Who We Are?

Our Story

St. Adelaide International School, previously known as Lighthouse Christian Mission School, is a renowned institution founded by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the presiding Bishop of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC). Beginning over two decades ago as a nursery with two students, the school has grown considerably under the able guidance of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and his wife, Episcopal Sister Adelaide Heward-Mills, into three separate campuses comprising of Nursery, Primary, and Secondary divisions, currently enrolling over five hundred students. SAIS’s mission is to produce intellectuals and professionals who serve God in their generation while providing a holistic nurturing approach (spiritual, mental, and physical) for every student. Our experienced and committed teaching staff create a welcoming environment, catering to smaller class sizes and well-resourced campuses, to produce an effective and enjoyable learning experience. Our campuses, located in Sampa Valley, boast a team of highly qualified staff and top-notch facilities.

about us

SAIS is an esteemed Christian educational institution that provides a nurturing environment for children. The school consists of three departments- Nursery, Primary, and Secondary, which offer a comprehensive curriculum in line with the standards set forth by the Cambridge International Examination Board. SAIS integrates the Montessori system to enrich the teaching and learning experience for its students.

The school places great emphasis on instilling its pupils with strong Christian values, social graces and etiquette. It has consistently set high academic standards, making it renowned for its outstanding and award-winning academic achievements. SAIS adopts a holistic approach to education, offering comprehensive academic programs, co-curricular activities, parent support interventions, career education, multicultural education, and entrepreneurial skills training. SAIS is committed to giving back to the community, engaging in a variety of outreach programs.

SAIS focuses on developing well-rounded individuals who excel in intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social areas. The school strives towards imparting sound Christian doctrine to its students, in accordance with the vision of the presiding Bishop. SAIS aims to cultivate responsible, independent thinkers who possess excellent communication and learning skills. Our mission is to shape the next generation of leaders who are productive, innovative, and responsible members of society.

The SAIS Advantage

Our Mission

To offer holistic nurturing of the pupil. Thus:


I am in SAIS because……
I believe God wants me to be here.
He has brought me here so I can shine.
I believe I will make it here.
I believe I am created to be confident, capable, creative and compassionate.
I recognize that I have the spirit of God in me
I allow the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and my speech.
It is God, who teaches me all things, and brings all things to my remembrance.
With the wisdom of God, I make good choices for myself and others.
I strive to be an excellent pupil like Daniel and Joseph
I believe my work speaks for me, so I take it seriously.
Like David, when I fall, I will rise again.
Like Apostle Peter, I will never give up on myself because God has not given up on me.
I will never give up on my school, my family, my friends and my nation.
I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
Lord, please help me to discover the truth.
Give me the will to choose it and the strength to uphold it. So, help me God
May I be a shining light to the nations…


May We Be A Shining Light To The Nations
A Shining Light To The Peoples Of The Earth
Till The Whole World Sees The Glory Of Your Name
May Your Pure Light Shine Through Us.

May We Bring A Word Of Hope To The Nations
A Word Of Life To The Peoples Of The Earth
Till The Whole World Knows
There’s Salvation Through Your Name
May Your Mercy Flow Through Us.

May We Be A Healing Balm To The Nations
A Healing Balm To The Peoples Of The Earth
Till The Whole World Knows
The Power Of Your Name
May Your Healing Flow Through Us