Nursery School

Welcome to the Nursery School

Akwaaba! Welcome to St. Adelaide International School Nursery School’s home page!  

The core of St. Adelaide Schools early stage of education’s curriculum focuses on the child and believes that children are curious, active and competent learners. The principles will begin with an integrated approach to learning which is facilitated by the teacher using purposeful play and quality interactions to enable children to construct knowledge and move towards a holistic development. These principles seek to encourage greater participation of children in the process of constructing knowledge and acquiring skills in the six learning areas.

Our curriculum is not only providing children with academics and skills but also building good character is becoming our other concern. We equip children with the character-building curriculum in a Bible-based. This complete package is giving children a solid foundation for pursuing their life goals.

We have 4 levels in this early stage of education:

Toddler (2 – 3 years old.) – where we form the foundation of learning and exploring through play that allows a child to learn in a natural and relaxed way. Students learn basic motor skills and social interaction with peers and adults.

Preschool (3 – 4 years old.) – students continue to explore and start expressing themselves. Speaking, listening and writing skills are taught, integrated with character building. Language development, as well as thinking and motor skills, are developed in this stage.

Kindergarten 1 (4 – 5 years old.) – building on the skills they possess and more emphasize is given to the development of reading skills through our levelled reading program. Students start to read and write using phonetic in English, learn the basic stroke in Mandarin and start to do simple numeracy. We develop and nurture good social skills as well as character building.

Kindergarten 2 (5 – 6 years old.) – consolidation of reading, phonics, spelling in phonetic, comprehension and numeracy skills is the focus as the preparation to primary education. Students will be improved on self-help skills and trained to be independent. Basic music and physical movement are given for all levels. Theme-based approach is used for better results.