Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School

You are warmly welcome to the Primary School.
The Primary School is an ever-evolving and improving force at SAIS.

As the foundation stage of the learning journey, we understand that students’ fundamental concepts, as well as learning skills and approaches, need to be built for a lifetime of success. St. Adelaide Primary School focus on building good characters, fulfilling children’s natural curiosity and encouraging students to deepen and explore their understanding on each lessons.

St. Adelaide Primary school believes that students need to achieve their best potential. Therefore, we continually renew our programs to include the most up-to-date teaching approaches to young learners. By continual reflection on educational research and updating teaching methodology now and then, our students will be engaged with their learning process and will be ready for their next stage of learning.

Typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years, it develops learner skills and understanding through the primary years in English, mathematics, science, Cambridge Global Perspectives and ICT.