Upper Secondary

Welcome to the Upper Secondary School

Welcome to the Upper Secondary School (USS) of St. Adelaide International School (SAIS).

Our Upper Secondary School typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years offers Cambridge Advance education for students who need to prepare for university and higher education.

We provide a wide range of co-curricular activities, internships, and work shadow programmes on offer which allow our students to showcase their talent and learn new skills.

We offer our students a multicultural experience to enable them to become true global citizens as they have a real opportunity to experience, embrace and celebrate diverse cultures.

We are gratified with the rigorous and robust academic curriculum that provides our students with the essential tools to shine in College and beyond.

We are honoured by the leadership and responsibility roles that our Prefects, SRC, and other student leaders perform. This provides them with an early taste of (student) politics, the principles and ethics of electioneering, communication, negotiation,  persuasion, campaigning, and marketing. This enables students to internalize the vital SAIS attributes of critical thinking, discipline, effective communication, social responsibility, creativity, and international mindedness to achieve the best high school experience.

Our teachers have the required qualifications and classroom experience and they undergo regular in-house training and professional development courses conducted by Cambridge or any other distinguished institution/speaker to ensure that they keep abreast of current developments in the teaching-learning process.