SAS is a certified Cambridge school. The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. The program is holistic, covering a wide range of subjects. The Cambridge curriculum helps students around the world become confident, reflective, responsible, innovative and engaged. In addition to our international curriculum, SAS students experience a Christian education in a variety of ways: through daily devotionals, Character Building and Christian worldview subjects, weekly assemblies with spiritual messages, and special events. The development of Christian values and perspectives is also encouraged by faculty through all subjects by imparting Christian values during lessons as well as the core values of the St. Adelaide School: love, honesty, responsibility and respect. Along with our mission to inculcate love to our fellow men and nation, all students are required to join the morning assembly: to start the day with a prayer followed by singing the Ghana national anthem, the School’s anthem, and daily scriptures. Click on the links below to download the requsite forms.